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Customized Facials

Enhance, Rejuvenate, Revitalize: Embark on Your Path to Timeless Beauty and Overall Wellness
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Customized Facials

(Includes deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions, serums, moisturizer and sunscreen) Ah, Facials, one of the best luxuries- and good skin necessities-on the planet. If you’ve never had one, they’re the best way to make sure your skin appears radiant, resilient and even-toned! Facials can address a variety of needs ranging from premature aging and environmental damage to acne flare-ups to a dull and patchy complexion. Our aestheticians are trained to recognize your skin type and will help you put your best face forward by creating a skincare treatment and routine designed specifically for you. Regular facials every 4-6 weeks are an important part in restoring a healthy glow to your complexion.

Gentlemen’s Facial

Designed specifically for the special skincare needs of men. This facial will clear, hydrate, and revitalize men’s skin. A therapeutic papaya mask is used to exfoliate and refresh for an instant glow that is infused with Vitamin E and antioxidants to soothe and protect the skin. Powerful peptides are applied that lift, firm, and smooth aging skin. This treatment also protects your skin from free radical damage and pollutants with a gentle and strengthening Vitamin C antioxidant serum.

Hydrating Facial

This facial is like a drink of water for your skin. It will dramatically increase overall hydration by significantly reducing transepidermal water loss (TWEL), leaving the skin smooth and healthy. We use a therapeutic oat milk mask formulated to soothe and hydrate impaired skin conditions of all kinds. This unique treatment mask incorporates advanced botanicals and pro-vitamins such as cucumber and arnica to calm and improve skin’s appearance. Then serums infused with peptides and antioxidants are applied to minimize fine lines and wrinkles and overall brighten the skin. You will leave feeling refreshed.

Sensitive Skin Facial

This facial is designed to soothe inflamed skin, gently exfoliate and dramatically increase hydration. We use advanced soothing botanicals aloe and vitamin E for antioxidant benefits. Improves redness with a calming serum containing a blend of red and brown algae, and a derivative of chamomile. Hydrating serums that nourish dry skin are then applied to support skins ability to attract and retain moisture.

Brightening Facial

This facial is designed for dehydrated skin that has been exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Provides your skin with additional hydration, skin-strengthening, anti-inflammatory and UV protections of Vitamin C. A gentle retinoid booster that contains nourishing plant and fruit extracts is applied that moisturizes skin. This vitamin A content exfoliates and helps keep skin looking fresh, while Vitamin C minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Promoting a brighter more even skin tone.

Anti-Aging Facial

This facial is designed to improve fine lines and wrinkles, skin texture, clarity, and increase moisture and hydration. Deep nourishing treatment that uses advanced peptides, growth factors, and astonishing plant and fruit stem cells that leave your skin glowing and healthy. Anti-aging facials slow the aging process, brightens the skin and reduces wrinkles. If you long for younger-looking skin, this is for you!

Teen Facials (up to 17 years of age)

(Includes deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions, serums, moisturizer and sunscreen) Created with the teen’s complexion needs in mind, these facials can help with persisting teen skin troubles or prevent them before the problem starts. An added bonus—they teach teens the importance of preemptive skincare. Despite being busy with school, their social life and sports, it’s very important for them to make time to pay attention to their skin and to realize the importance of good skin care. It takes a professional aesthetician to properly prepare and soften the skin before manual extractions can take place in a safe and effective way. An aesthetician can offer advice on the best way to address a teen’s specific skin concerns.

Back Facials

(Includes deep cleansing, steam, exfoliation, extractions, serums, moisturizer and sunscreen) Back facials are great for treating the hard to reach areas of your back. Many of us will experience some clogged pores and breakout on our backs, especially during the summer months when we tend to perspire the most. A back facial treatment will help to cleanse, exfoliate the skin, while treating any congestion and reveal a brighter and smoother skin.

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